Introducing a New Resource for CA Charters: Online Sample Policies

Published February 23, 2017 09:00

CSDC is excited to announce the release of a new resource created to assist California charter school leaders: An online version of our popular Sample Charter School Governing Board Policies publication.

What are the Sample Policies?

The Sample Policies are a compendium of dozens of the most frequently needed school policies. Compiled by CSDC staff and reviewed by legal counsel, these policies are updated annually to reflect changes in the laws and regulations that apply to California charter schools.

Access is free for CSDC Members

For many years, the Sample Policies were available for purchase as a printed publication, but in listening to charter leaders' feedback, we have moved the Sample Policies repository to an online format and included it as part of the membership package.

Maintain your membership for ongoing updates

If your organization is an active CSDC Member, be sure to maintain your membership so that you will receive our regular policy updates, which help you ensure that the policies you have downloaded and adopted are current and free of potential compliance issues.

Maintaining your membership also provides your organization with up to 5 hours of technical assistance per year. Your organization may use this time to pose specific questions (via phone/email) to CSDC's charter school experts, who can provide helpful guidance on crafting key policies.

How do I access the policies?

To access the Policies, you must have a user account on this website and your user account must belong to an organization with an active CSDC Membership.

If you are uncertain of your organization's CSDC Membership status or need assistance with your account, please contact us.

CSDC Membership: Join or Renew

If your organization is not presently a CSDC Member, please click here to learn more or contact our offices with any questions regarding joining or renewing.


Please contact us with any technical or substantive questions regarding our new online Sample Policies resource.


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