2017 CA Charter Schools Conference: LCFF, LCAP, Accountability, and Renewal Sessions

Published October 18, 2017 10:29

Given the numerous and ongoing changes to the state's school accountability system, CSDC has devoted a substantial portion of the 2017 conference schedule to accountability matters, including the LCFF, LCAP, and charter school renewal.

Listed below are the sessions of most relevance to school leaders, instructional staff, and other key personnel seeking to prepare and strategize for the changes.

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Accountability Sessions

Listed below are the 2017 conference sessions that will delve into the
LCFF, LCAP, renewal, and other charter school accountability matters:


Special Keynote Presentation

Dr. Carl A. Cohn, Executive Director, California
Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE)

Dr. Carl A. Cohn, the first Executive Director of the new California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE), will share his vision for how the CCEE can play a transformative role in supporting troubled schools and districts, including charter schools.... MORE



CSDC's 2017 Leadership Update Presentation

Presented by Eric Premack, Executive Director, Charter Schools Development Center

CSDC’s Executive Director, Eric Premack, will provide an extensive (3.75-hour) fiscal, policy, and accountability update, including updates and practical guidance on the state’s evolving “Dashboard” and “Local Control” accountability systems.... MORE



Preparing for Renewal

Presented by Beryl Nelson, Accountability Services Manager, Charter Schools Development Center

The process of navigating a charter school to a successful renewal can be both complex and uncertain. Although the charter law and more recent regulations and State Board of Education guidance provide some clarity around renewal, they leave some ambiguity. As a result, much of the process on the ground is determined by ... MORE


The New California School Dashboard 101: Charter-Specific Guidance

Presented by Susanne Coie, Development Services Manager, Charter Schools Development Center

The California School Dashboard is now the centerpiece of the state accountability system. The Dashboard calculates and publicly posts data on quality for schools and districts. The Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) template requires at least some linkage to Dashboard data. High stakes accountability will ... MORE


Advanced Dashboard Data – and Beyond

Presented by Susanne Coie, Development Services Manager, Charter Schools Development Center

The California School Dashboard can be a game changer for your school. Examine this evolving system more closely to push your thinking on data use. What do you need to know to skillfully use the Dashboard, in combination with other student achievement data, to understand the progress of all students, identify and address learning gaps, and ... MORE


Aligning Your School’s Strategic Plan with Your LCAP Goals

Presented by Rhonda Deomampo, CEO, Synergy Academies, and Jennifer Epps, Chief Achievement Officer, Synergy Academies

Synergy Academies’ CEO and CAO will present Synergy’s Strategic Planning process and how they used their 2017-2022 Strategic Plan goals as the basis for writing their 2017-20 LCAP. Synergy involved a variety of stakeholders in an 18-month process, beginning with consultant-led focus groups where ... MORE


Implementing a Comprehensive Social Emotional Learning Program
For LCAP’s School Climate

Presented by John Shindler, Professor, California State University Los Angeles, and Linda Inlay, Program Director, Awakening Wisdom

The framework for a complete social emotional learning (SEL) program promoted by the Collaborative for Academic Social Emotional Learning (CASEL) is comprised of SEL curriculum for students, SEL growth of teachers, and the environment of classroom and school practices that foster a positive school climate, but most schools only focus on ... MORE


Data-Driven Decision Making in a Continuous Improvement Framework

Presented by Tamara Clay, County SELPA Director, El Dorado County SELPA, and Ginese Quann, Charter SELPA Director, El Dorado County Charter SELPA

California’s new School Dashboard and the Annual Performance Report (APR) both provide helpful data on the performance of students with disabilities. But what does that data really tell us and what do we do with that information? This session provides an overview of how the El Dorado County SELPAs are using ... MORE


Crafting Your School's Data Narrative

Presented by Matt Smith, Director/Superintendent, MIT Academy, and Lynne Vaughan, Board Chair, MIT Academy

Like any other public school, charter schools must demonstrate accountability using a variety of metrics, including those required by LCAP, the state Data Dashboard, and local reauthorization requirements. But unlike traditional public schools, charter schools must run like a business and have a ... MORE


Effective Charter Authorizer Oversight

Presented by Jeff Tilton, Deputy Superintendent, New Jerusalem Elementary School District, Carol Barkley, Director (Retired), California Department of Education, Charter Schools Division, Mick Founts, Superintendent of Schools (Retired), San Joaquin County Office of Education, and David Thoming, Superintendent of Schools, New Jerusalem Elementary School District

Attendees will learn how a targeted district took a deep look into its own practices, policies, and procedures to measure its effectiveness as a high-quality charter school authorizer. The district used research-based data from a variety of sources to create a ... MORE

About the Conference

Held every fall as charter leaders return to their campuses, CSDC's annual statewide charter conference, the Charter Schools Leadership Update, is designed to provide California's charter school movement with the skills and knowledge it will need to thrive during the school year ahead.

To achieve this goal, CSDC places an emphasis on training, offering a variety of extended trainings and workshops. We schedule dozens of high-quality, no "fluff" breakout sessions. We provide ample formal and informal networking opportunities. And we invite thought-provoking guest speakers to discuss their perspective on the latest, "hot button" charter issues.

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